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27. Female. Australian. Neurotic. Obssessive. Amusing (as opposed to funny). Creative. A little bit weird. Master of the skill of procrastination. Avid reader (novels and fanfic). Loves shoes and dancing. Optimistic Pessimist. Extremely eclectic taste in music
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Veronica Mars. Alias. Prison Break. Grey's Anatomy. Gilmore Girls. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Deadwood. The L Word. Bones. The OC. Boston Legal. Sex and the City. How I Met Your Mother. Weeds. Gossip Girl. Sons of Anarchy. True Blood. Glee. The Vampire Diaries.
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Logan/Veronica. Syd/Vaughn. Syd/Sark. Jack/Irina. Michael/Sara. Alex/Izzie. Marshall/Lily. Lorelai/Luke. Rory/Jess. Rory/Logan. Buffy/Spike. Willow/Oz. Willow/Tara. Xander/Anya. Sol/Trixie. Carrie/Aiden. Alice/Dana. Pacey/Joey. Seth/Summer. Jackie/Hyde. Blair/Chuck. Jax/Tara. Eric/Sookie. Puck/Rachel. Damon/Elena. Alpha/Echo. Victor/Sierra. Damon/Elena.
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I like stuff. Do you like stuff? Wanna be friends?
Just leave a comment and I'll friend you back. Then drop by here and introduce yourself.
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I've also started to make fanart, you can find my resource list here

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